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Meet our Founder

Hi. I'm Peyton. I'm 8 years old and I LOVE riding my pony, Sadie. I have 3 ponies total. One is my rescue mini, Chicken Nugget and the other is my older pony, Huckleberry. He's 40, so I don't ride him anymore.

Pony Suds was created from a Mommy & Me craft. I found tack cleaning boring so we created some fun shaped, scented and colored tack soaps for me to use. I passed them out to some of my Mom's trainer's friends at a horse show and next thing you know, Pony Suds was born. My Mom is my assistant and runs the business side but I'm still the brains behind the business and very hands on.

What Makes us Different?

First, it is our ingredients. We source only the finest ingredients available, 99% of which are Organic! We also infuse all of our products with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are third party independently tested for purity. The addition of the oil not only makes your leather care products smell AMAZING, it helps cut through the grime on your tack and balance the PH of your leather. None of our products include any filler, chemicals or things unsafe for your tack or yourself!

Second, we are a small family owned business and all of the products we make for you are made to order by us! When you become a Sudder, you're not only going to be taking better care of your tack but supporting this small family business as well.